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Empowering Leaders To Build Organizations Rooted in Authenticity, Fulfillment, Empathy, and Effectiveness


Future proofing your greatest asset, your people through growing emotional intelligence skills with Patrick McWard!

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My work is dedicated to empowering leaders to build organizational cultures rooted in authenticity, fulfillment, empathy, and effectiveness. With over 25 years of experience as a professional speaker, I've had the privilege of:

  • Delivering powerful, engaging, and interactive presentations to over 2800 audiences.
  • Collaborating with 300+ Fortune 1000 companies, numerous federal agencies, and prestigious Non-Profit Associations in the US.
  • Building relationships with notable clients such as Cisco Systems, Salesforce, US Special Ops, SSA, Discover, Price Waterhouse, Abbott Labs, Cadillac, Social Security, GAO, DOJ, Kantor Operations, and SAP.

My approach, marked by a natural, engaging, and interactive style, integrates organizational business skills with transformational processes. I also create a learning environment where everyone has something to learn and everyone has something to teach. This creates a collaborative learning experience. This combination consistently yields exceptional results, reflected in:

  • 97% perfect scores from statistically tracked evaluations spanning 13 years.
  • Proven success with dynamic virtual and on-site programs, catering to both large and medium-sized organizations.
  • Achieving global reach and cost savings through virtual programs since 2014.

Together, we can cultivate organizational cultures firmly rooted in authenticity and excellence.

Now, why bring me into your organization? Here are the key benefits:

  • Enhanced Leadership Skills: I guide your team to build solid, practical leadership skills, enabling them to tap into their unique talents, strengths, and passion, preparing them for now and the future.

  • Organizational Culture Transformation: I assist in improving your organizational culture, fostering empathy, and promoting healthy living. This change leads to increased fulfillment, joy, and fun in the workplace.

  • Emotional Intelligence Boost: I help your team develop their emotional intelligence, creating more effective results, increasing the retention of top talent, and enhancing profits.

  • Effective Communication: I instruct your team on how to communicate genuinely and effectively, building better relationships within the organization.

  • Mindfulness, Mental Health, and Inclusion: I emphasize the importance of mindfulness, mental health, creating safe spaces, celebrating diversity, and fostering inclusion, leading to a healthier life for all.

Investing in me means investing in a healthier, more harmonious, and ultimately, more successful future for your organization. Together, let’s raise the bar for employee satisfaction and retention, increase leadership effectiveness, build a better organizational culture, and future-proof your success and profits.

For a glimpse into how I can benefit your organization, contact us today for a free consultation. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together.

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